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URL Masking

URL masking (also known as domain masking, URL hiding and stealth redirection) is a free service offered by IT Itch under our URL forwarding service.

When you register a domain name with us, we give the the option of applying URL masking when you set up your URL redirect. When used correctly, a URL mask is a powerful and helpful tool to control your domain name. Not many domain name registrars offer this service, so switch to us to start using it now.

URL Redirect

With normal web forwarding, a domain name simply redirects you to a site you have defined. So, for instance, users who type in will simply be redirected to

URL Masking

URL masking is different to normal domain name forwarding. URL masking will hide the domain name of the actual website from the URL field in the web browser in favor of another domain name. Thus, like normal domain forwarding, the domain name is redirected  to another website address but unlike normal URL forwarding, the browser will keep showing your original domain name.

URL masking prevents users from seeing the actual domain website without affecting the content of the website. Domain masking is particularly useful for websites with privacy/security issues and for those with long/hard to remember URLs. Domain masking is also useful for people using free web hosting platforms like WordPress that want to use a professional looking domain name rather than a subdomain.

We also offer subdomain forwarding and path forwarding.


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*Domain forwarding/domain masking is only available on selected domains.