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WordPress Brute Force Botnet Attack

WordPress websites around the world are currently the target of a coordinated botnet attack. The brute force attack is targeting the WordPress administrative portals, whereby the attacker is trying to login using the username “admin” in combination with many thousands of the most common passwords.

WordPress is the most popular content management system in use on the web, powering more than 60 million websites. It is set up by default with an “admin” username as the administrator. Although WordPress has allowed users to pick a custom username on installation for over three years now, hackers are relying on people reverting to the default “admin” username. So far, this username vulnerability is fuelling the growth of an unusually powerful botnet thought to be made up of around 90, 000 web servers.

Botnets are used for malicious purposes such as spreading malware and launching distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS attacks) whereby a machine or network becomes unavailable to it’s intended users.

happy customersRight now there’s a botnet going around all of the WordPresses it can find trying to login with the ‘admin’ username and a bunch of common passwords, and it has turned into a news story (especially from companies that sell ‘solutions’ to the problem)

- Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress.

WordPress users are urged to change their username if they are using “admin”, use a strong password and update to the latest version of the software.


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The Dangers of Social Media Success:

How to overload your server with Twitter traffic.

social media marketing successNot all problems are created equal. Last week our brand new Auckland-based server crashed. Normally this would be a bad thing, especially for a small kiwi IT company, but the team at IT Itch (especially the social media marketing team) are still grinning like Cheshire cats from achieving the feat.

You see, our server didn’t crash from dodgy hardware or from programming errors. No, no, no. Nor did it crash from incorrect configuration. Our IT geeks had recently huddled into a chrysalis in a trance-like state for days on end, configuring a new server codenamed “Butterfly”. When the boffins resurfaced, they proclaimed:


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Take a peek under Google’s hood

Google has given us the first glimpse into its data centres, showing off an impressive array of servers, cables and pipes that power much of the online world.

The search giant today launched a website where users could take a peek inside ‘where the internet lives’.

Very few people have stepped inside Google’s data centres, and for good reason: our first priority is the privacy and security of your data, and we go to great lengths to protect it, keeping our sites under close guard.


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While we’ve shared many of our designs and best practices, and we’ve been publishing our efficiency data since 2008, only a small set of employees have access to the server floor itself.


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Google has hundreds of thousands of servers around the world, and shows off its data centres in Hamina, Finland and Iowa, United States.


dns server


Today, for the first time, you can see inside our data centres and pay them a virtual visit.


server 2008


You’ll get a never-before-seen look at the technology, the people and the places that keep Google running.


proxy server


As well as photographs, ‘Where the Internet Lives‘ also features a virtual tour of Lenoir, North Carolina’s data centre.


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