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SEO NZ Team Office Challenge

Which office item will make the best vibrating speaker?

Our SEO NZ team likes to have a little bit of fun. Faced with the daunting prospect of a boring Monday morning sorting out canonicalization issues, 301-redirects and microformat mark-up integration, our ragged-tagged bunch of SEO specialists decided to mix things up with a wee science experiment. Armed with the coolest piece of gadgetry they could find in our Christchurch SEO office, our small bunch of New Zealand SEO experts briefly had the office abuzz with competitive banter. They devised an experiment geeky enough to get the competitive juices flowing in even the most anti-athletic nerd. They were going to see which items in our office would make the best vibration speakers. That’s right – our Christchurch SEO consultancy briefly paused all its web site seo work to run a small nerd competition (an IT Company’s version of the Melbourne Cup).

The items that were going to be tested as vibrating speakers included: an orange, a small cardboard box, a Converse All Star canvas sneaker, a metal flask/drink bottle, a glass jar filled with black eyed peas, a mouse, a foam block, a plastic cup and a large (empty) cardboard box. Although much debate ensued about which object would win the battle, the clear favourite among the IT Itch SEO NZ team was the small cardboard box and the least popular option was the orange (there were many complicated reasons given about these choices based on physics and logic but we won’t bore you with these). Take a look at the video the IT Itch SEO NZ team made to see how our predictions stacked up. Which object do you think will win?

If you have any web site SEO that needs done, please contact the SEO NZ team at IT Itch – your local SEO company that likes to have fun!