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Google Sitelinks

Sitelinks are those little clustered links to the inside pages of a top search result on a query term considered by the search engine to be navigational in nature. They are links under the main listing that deep link into a site by category or topic. So, for example, if you did a search for “IT Itch” in Google a few weeks ago, you would have seen our website in the top spot, with a link to our homepage and underneath it you would have seen six sitelinks -SEO, Marketing, About, Web Design, Contact, Web Hosting – and “more results from IT Itch”. See picture below.


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IT Itch Prize for Web Poetry (2013)

poetry competitionIT Itch invites entries for its inaugural prize in web poetry. Designed as an opportunity for amateur digital communicators to share their work and for tech-minded professionals to dabble in a creative art-form, the prize is open to everyone and submissions will be accepted from any country.

Submitted poems must be about this year’s theme – Search Engines – but poets are free to use whatever style they choose.

happy customersPoets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of IT. Poetry is a search for ways of communicating and we are desperately in need of new ways to communicate about technical topics. With this prize we are hoping to share the burden of our poetic pains, throw a few stones into the information technology mineshaft and listen for the reverberations. Our ultimate aim is to make IT more easily understandable and accessible to everyone – we would far rather have poets writing our user manuals than tech-geeks.

- IT Itch CEO


There is no cost to enter the poetry competition and the winner will receive a cash prize of $300 NZD.


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How Many Times Has Google Lied To You Today?

Google sent me mail today. Real mail. Actual paper in an envelope with my home address kind of mail. It was sent from ‘Google New Zealand’, which is actually Google Ireland Limited and, of course, sent from Switzerland.

The reason ‘Google New Zealand’ is actually Google Ireland Limited (based in Switzerland) has made the headlines recently. Dubbed the “double Irish” and “Dutch sandwich” tax avoidance scheme, Google avoided about US$2 billion in worldwide income taxes last year by moving $9.8 billion in revenue into tax havens. Despite making an estimated AU$1 billion in advertising revenue from their Australia and New Zealand AdWords and AdSense advertising platforms last year, ‘Google New Zealand’ posted a financial loss. By deviously booking their Australian and New Zealand search ads through the tax haven of Ireland, ‘Google New Zealand’ has drastically reduced its local tax liability, to the point of being morally criminal.

Now, back to my mail from Google New Zealand aka Google Ireland in Switzerland. It was from their AdWords advertising platform which I occasionally use when clients request it. As a search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist I never advocate for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising over organic SEO – the economics and return on investment (ROI) just don’t add up. But every now and then, like when a client wants to be seen immediately online, I cave in and let them have their way.

Here’s where the lies start to set in, and they are starting to be a daily occurrence from the overlords at Google. The letter reads as follows:


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SEO NZ Team Office Challenge

Which office item will make the best vibrating speaker?

Our SEO NZ team likes to have a little bit of fun. Faced with the daunting prospect of a boring Monday morning sorting out canonicalization issues, 301-redirects and microformat mark-up integration, our ragged-tagged bunch of SEO specialists decided to mix things up with a wee science experiment. Armed with the coolest piece of gadgetry they could find in our Christchurch SEO office, our small bunch of New Zealand SEO experts briefly had the office abuzz with competitive banter. They devised an experiment geeky enough to get the competitive juices flowing in even the most anti-athletic nerd. They were going to see which items in our office would make the best vibration speakers. That’s right – our Christchurch SEO consultancy briefly paused all its web site seo work to run a small nerd competition (an IT Company’s version of the Melbourne Cup).

The items that were going to be tested as vibrating speakers included: an orange, a small cardboard box, a Converse All Star canvas sneaker, a metal flask/drink bottle, a glass jar filled with black eyed peas, a mouse, a foam block, a plastic cup and a large (empty) cardboard box. Although much debate ensued about which object would win the battle, the clear favourite among the IT Itch SEO NZ team was the small cardboard box and the least popular option was the orange (there were many complicated reasons given about these choices based on physics and logic but we won’t bore you with these). Take a look at the video the IT Itch SEO NZ team made to see how our predictions stacked up. Which object do you think will win?

If you have any web site SEO that needs done, please contact the SEO NZ team at IT Itch – your local SEO company that likes to have fun!


Google Sued for Defamation – and Loses

Google has successfully been sued by an Australian man after a six-person supreme court jury found the search engine Goliath guilty of defamation charges.

Michael Trkulja, of Melbourne, decided to take legal action against Google when requests to remove content from Google’s image search was ignored.

Mr Trkulja first became upset with the search engine in 2009. Whenever his name was typed into Google’s image search, photos would appear of Mr Trkulja alongside a well known gangland figure – Tony Mokbel. The Google search results also linked to a now defunct Melbourne Crime website where photos labelled with his name could be found.

Google’s lawyers used the “innocent dissemination” defence, arguing that it was not the publisher of the material and only indexing the links to the website and images. Google claimed it was merely providing links to the content without realising it was defamatory.

The jury rejected Google’s defence because Mr Trkulja had contacted the search engine in 2009 asking for the images to be taken down. However, since Mr Trkulja had incorrectly filled out the form for reporting offensive material by not including the URL of the images, the jury did not hold the search engine liable for the search results themselves.

Mr Trkulja, who also won a similar case against rival search engine Yahoo! earlier this year, is said to be “over the moon” with the decision. In an interview with an Australian newspaper, he had this to say:

I feel great, I feel vindicated. It was a David and Goliath battle, a single man standing against a giant using all money and power available to them to squash an innocent person.

The images are no longer indexed by Google’s search engine, but being wrongly associated with a gangland figure has caused much distress to Mr Trkulja:

I wouldn’t wish to my worst enemy what I went through

The judge is expected to make a ruling on damages next Monday but may be similar to the $225,000 he was awarded from wining the Yahoo! case.

Google refused to make any comment on the case.