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.ORG Domain Name Sale

org domain name

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The .ORG domain name was released in 1984 and is one of the Internet’s original  generic top-level domains (gTLDs), along with .COM, .NET, .GOV, .EDU, and .MIL. The .ORG domain name is the home of non-commercial organisations on the internet and is traditionally the go-to domain name of not-for-profit groups and charitable organisations. It is designated as an “open” and “unrestricted” domain name, meaning that anyone can register this domain name, and has in recent times expanded in reach to become popular with schools, open-source projects, communities, sports groups/teams, religious organisations, civic organisations, health organisations, environmental initiatives, clubs, community volunteer groups and for-profit organisations.


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Global domain registration summary

domain registration

The internet grew by more than 26 million domain names in 2012, with a new domain registration occurring, on average, almost every second (or about 73,000 domain registrations every day), bringing the total global domain registration telly to a whopping 252 million domain names.

The .coms are still the most popular domain names, with a domain registration telly of about 106 million, while .net domain registrations accounted for about 15 million domains. Country-code domain names, such as .uk and .nl, made up about 110 million domain registrations.

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