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New Website!

IT Itch launch new website

After days crammed into small room with no sunlight and a diet of Red Bull and Oreos, the tech geeks at IT Itch have emerged with a shiny new website for us all to enjoy. The website has a very simple and elegant black and white colour scheme and features very little in the way of flash animation. There are some stylistic videos imbedded into three of the pages, but it is largely a site with a focus on words.

We wanted a website with a minimalistic design, whereby the focus could be on quality content rather than flashy features,

says IT Itch CEO.

The trouble with most IT websites is that they overwhelm the senses – the designers and developers try to show off their fanciest tricks, and it all becomes too much. Our ethos is to simplify IT, and this starts with our website.

Designed by Per Sandström and powered by the popular WordPress content management system (CMS), the website uses many open source technologies.

All of our tech geeks actively participate in open source communities, so it made sense to use these for our site. We do a lot of our coding in BlueGriffon, and all of our FTP uploads are done in FileZilla. GIMP is great for image editing and I’d go as far as saying that it’s more powerful than Adobe PhotoShop,

Says Mr Berg.

The site features a regularly updated (news) homepage and plans to include video tutorials, audio podcasts and frequently updated news and reviews from the IT sector.

We may even include a Zen garden. We couldn’t figure out how to get our website to give our clients a neck massage, but we’re working on it!

laughs Mr Berg.

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, and working with clients around the globe, IT Itch plans on being a one-stop shop for IT, and will reveal a list of services over the coming weeks designed to make IT simple, reliable and absolutely stress-free. Some of the products likely to be on offer include domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates, web design, search engine optimization, and internet marketing.

IT Itch is aiming to become popular with people and businesses looking for a premium IT service provider. They will be offering industry-leading 24/7/365 phone support which will clearly differentiate them from the competition (most only offering email support). They will also be one of the few places offering web design with a real focus on search engine optimisation.