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Green Hosting

Get Green Web hosting at IT Itch

The Happiness Boffins at IT Itch have concluded that green hosting is a service that we should be committed to. With world internet usage statistics still rising rapidly, the energy consumption of web hosting looks set to become more polluting than the airline industry in less than 8 years time. With so much demand for energy to operate servers and related computer infrastructure, it is vital that companies that provide these services (like us) take an eco-friendly approach.

IT Itch have employed an environmental management firm – Kalix Ltd – to aid us in formulating and refining an environmental management system to help us achieve the goal of becoming one of the most environmentally-friendly IT companies around. We have already instigated a number of environmental initiatives in our state-of-the-art Asia-Pacific, Europe and North American Data Centres, such as:

  • Variable frequency drives for large motors
  • Chilled water air handler units
  • Cooled water chillers that use eco-friendly refrigerants
  • EPA-approved diesel generators using low-sulphur fuel
  • Eco-friendly products for specialized data centre cleaning

Our commitment to environmental sustainability will be an ongoing one – a policy that will be at the core of our day-to-day operations. We will be looking into a range of environmental solutions, such as carbon offsetting, switching to renewable energy, planting trees, energy conservation and using energy savings appliances.

The tech geeks in our Christchurch office have been embracing the challenge to become more environmentally sustainable. They have already become paper-free, began energy saving initiatives, switched to a power supply that comes from 100% renewable energy, and even gone meat-free. Did you know that switching from a standard American meat-based diet to a vegan diet is more effective in combating climate change than switching from a polluting car to a hybrid? Also, cutting back on meat could save $20 trillion dollars in the cost of fighting climate change.

Formulating the environmental management system will involve quantifying our environmental impacts, reviewing our legal requirements (i.e. Resource Management Act in New Zealand), formulating objectives and measurable targets, implementing the changes, and documenting and communicating our policies to staff and customers.

The environmental management system will be part of IT Itch’s move to triple bottom line reporting – providing our customers and stakeholders with detailed information about our environmental and social performance. We would love our customers to get involved by giving us feedback or making suggestions that could aid us in our move towards environmental sustainability.