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PHP 5 Hosting

PHP 5 Web Hosting Supported at IT Itch

What is PHP 5 web hosting? Well, our tech geeks hiding away in our basement seem to get excited by these letters and numbers stuck together. While these (apparently random) concoctions of letters and numbers don’t mean much to non-geek types, our tech geeks have warned us that other tech geeks need this information like vampires need blood. To pacify the vampires . . . er geeks, we will have to mention these secret coded words every now and then. Look away now if you’re not a tech geek. Alternatively, pull up a comfy chair and let these foreign words put you to sleep almost instantaneously.

PHP 5 Web Hosting

PHP 5 Web Hosting

PHP is a scripting language used in web development to produce ‘dynamic web pages’ – web sites that can change the instant a webmaster or user makes the change. Many content management systems (CMS) deploy PHP – such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Concrete5. Over 20 million websites use PHP, making it a strong competitor to Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) server-side script engine.

At I.T. Itch we realise the importance of keeping up with scripting language support, that’s why all our hosting plans are compatible with the latest release of this general-purpose scripting language – PHP 5. Rest assured that we will add support for PHP 6 whenever it is released (current development of PHP 6 has been delayed). We will also add any other developments in server-side web development as soon as they become available.

Other scripting languages that our Linux hosting plans support include:

  • Perl w/FASTCGI,
  • Python CGI
  • Ruby CGI
  • Ruby on Rails w/FASTCGI
  • Custom PHP.ini/PHP5.ini

The scripting languages that our Windows hosting plans support include:

  • ASP
  • ASP.NET v4.0
  • ASP.NET v1.0/2.0/3.0/3.5
  • PHP5°

Take a look at all of our Hosting Plans for a more detailed analysis and comparison tables.