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IT Itch Prize for Web Poetry (2013)

poetry competitionIT Itch invites entries for its inaugural prize in web poetry. Designed as an opportunity for amateur digital communicators to share their work and for tech-minded professionals to dabble in a creative art-form, the prize is open to everyone and submissions will be accepted from any country.

Submitted poems must be about this year’s theme – Search Engines – but poets are free to use whatever style they choose.

happy customersPoets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of IT. Poetry is a search for ways of communicating and we are desperately in need of new ways to communicate about technical topics. With this prize we are hoping to share the burden of our poetic pains, throw a few stones into the information technology mineshaft and listen for the reverberations. Our ultimate aim is to make IT more easily understandable and accessible to everyone – we would far rather have poets writing our user manuals than tech-geeks.

- IT Itch CEO


There is no cost to enter the poetry competition and the winner will receive a cash prize of $300 NZD.


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