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The Mega Privacy Revolution

With all the hoopla and fanfare surrounding the launch of internet mogul Kim Dotcom’s new venture - Mega  – the important message is getting drowned out by the frenzied buzz of mouse clicks and the steady hum of file uploads. Sure, the new cloud storage service offered by Mega is at least ten times the size of its main rivals, which is more than enough reason to join, and the ability to share files is handy for, well, yes, that satisfying activity with the now oft-considered dirty word ‘file-sharing’. Governments the world over are ramming through anti file-sharing legislation in what seems akin to anti-masturbation policy – most politicians consider file-sharing a dirty activity practised by spotty teenagers, alone, in front of a computer at night, and something they should feel morbidly ashamed about. But despite your preference to partake or abstain in mutual cloud-based digital gratification, the feature that should be perking our interest the most is that Mega makes a really good effort to keep your stuff private.


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