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Social Media Marketing

Our tech geeks have noticed an intriguing trend – hundreds of millions of people are flocking to social media every day. Also, the search engine robots are paying more and more attention to the social signals coming out of these sites. The conclusions drawn by our social media experts is that it’s relatively simple and inexpensive to harness the mass targeting power of social media marketing. By sowing a nice patch of grass in the social media landscape, businesses can now expect to attract whole herds of niche-specific pack-hungry Homo sapiens all interested in nibbling on your little slice of web-space.

social media marketing
Social Set-Up $360
  • Facebook, Twitter & G + Set-Up
  • Cover Design
  • AdWords Integration
  • Social Search Optimisation
  • Social Website Integration
  • ...
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Social Management $300
  • 12 Facebook Posts and 6 Shares
  • 12 Unique Twitter Tweets
  • 12 Google + Content
  • 6 Google + Shares
  • Syndicated Articles
  • ...
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social mediaTo help cultivate your move into the social media landscape, IT Itch have created 2 social media packages. The Social Set-Up Package is the seed that will get your paddock under way – ideal for businesses that have yet to create a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. We design your Facebook and Twitter cover photos, install 4 Facebook apps as well as author badges, brand badges, brand widgets and make sure you can be found in social searches by optimising rich schema tags and Google authorship markup.

To maximise your social content engagement with minimum effort, our Social Management Package is the perfect choice for businesses that don’t have the money and resources to hire a social media officer. For a small monthly fee, IT Itch will manage your social media presence by syndicating articles, sending out regular and unique twitter tweets as well as managing your Facebook and Google Plus content.

Social Set-Up Package


Page Management

  • 4 Facebook Apps Installation, Facebook Cover Photo Design, Permission Management, Twitter Cover Design, Google Plus Creation/Optimisation.


Social Searches

  • Google Plus Authorship Markup, Google Plus Authentication & Direct Connect, Rich Schema Tags, 150 Google Circles & 6 Groups, Adwords Integration, Social Share Synchronisation.


Social Website Integration

  • Author Badges, Brand Badges, Brand Widgets, Personal Widgets, 3 Social Plugins.


 Social Management Package


Social Content Engagement

  • 12 Facebook Posts & 6 Shares
  • 12 Twitter Tweets Unique
  • 12 Google Plus Content
  • 6 Google Plus Shares
  • Syndicated Articles


Social Media Marketing.
Social Media Set-Up and Social Media Management
Brand: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus.
Manufacturer: IT Itch
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