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SEO Update: IT Itch number one in Bing & number three in Google.

I.T. Itch SEO geeks earn their keep.

SEO update: After just one week online, the IT Itch website has rocketed up the search engine rankings – rating number 1 in Bing and ranking number three in Google. This is hailed as a big achievement by the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Boffins at IT Itch because most new websites take at least a few months to show up in the search engine rankings.

Most new websites get stuck in what we call the Google Sandbox – a penalty applied to new websites which prevents them from appearing anywhere in Google. We work with many clients trying to get them out of the sandbox, and to completely sidestep it shows our skills as SEO practitioners.

says an IT Itch SEO Boffin.

The IT Itch website overtook about 48 million other websites in less than 7 days and is ranking just under the very popular site Wikipedia in Google. According to one of their SEO Boffins, it was a gamble that paid off:

We suspected that we could engineer a ‘reverse sandbox’ effect, and that’s what appears to be happening. Many people have debated weather or not a reverse sandbox effect exists, but we have proved that it does . . . we proved it because we don’t have any links yet, not a single one.

The dramatic jump up the rankings was discovered completely by accident.

We were getting a lot of interest through our website but we assumed it was from referrals. Our plan was to start work on our SEO strategy in a couple of weeks, when we had ironed out all the kinks in the website. I had a quick look in Google to see who our competition were – who we’d have to beat – and there we were. Theoretically we shouldn’t be anywhere in Google or Bing yet – we haven’t submitted the site to either of them, and we haven’t even installed an analytics program, we just haven’t had the time. And we don’t have any links. We haven’t even had time to set up social media . . . A lot of SEO’s will be scratching their heads about this one, asking how the heck did the search engine crawlers find their site without any links.

Says the Boffin.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the core services offered by IT Itch. According to the SEO Boffin, they have recently expanded their services to include web design:

We decided to offer web design because we spend so much time fixing poorly optimized sites. It’s actually cheaper and easier for everyone if we do it from scratch . . . and this result shows just how affective we can be – at the top of the rankings in just a few days.

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IT Itch rank #1 in Bing in less than a week

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IT Itch rate number three in Google