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Robots Outdo Gotye

Watch an HP scanner perform lead vocals for Gotyes ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.

robots sing gotye somebody that I used to know

Running out of uses for that old HP Scanjet 3C scanner in the office? Why not team it up with an oscilloscope, a xylophone and a couple of hard drives to make beautiful music?

There have been many remixes of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ but none have tickled out tech fancy as much as this charming remix done by an HP Scanjet 3C scanner and its digital band members.

YouTube user bd594 beautifully fuses pop music melodies with electronic noises, all produced from throwaway computer parts found in an electronic parts stores in Toronto, Canada.

With the HP Scanjet 3C on lead vocals, it lags a bit due to the fast paced rhythm. In order for the stepper motor to play a note it has to be moving its large carriage, creating an almost ‘duel noise’ which echo the duet parts of the original song, sung by Gotye and Kimbra. Programming helps to compensate for the lag but leaving it there gives the song an added layer of character for the digital band.

An Amiga 600 Bass is used on the left audio output and a guitar on the right audio output. Each audio channel is then feed in to the oscilloscope and two hard drives are used as drums and cymbals. A xylophone (played by a robot, of course), makes an appearance as the only ‘natural’ instrument. Both the hard drives and the xylophone are controlled by one PIC16F84A micro-controller.

The robot band also covers Maroon 5′s song ‘Move Like Jagger’ and features Stephen Hawking on vocals (well, it uses the ‘Vocals Digital DECtalk Express’, which is the same unit as Stephen Hawking used back in the 80′s).

We’re not sure if this is a new genre of electronic music or a new form of recycling. You be the judge!