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Global domain registration summary

domain registration

The internet grew by more than 26 million domain names in 2012, with a new domain registration occurring, on average, almost every second (or about 73,000 domain registrations every day), bringing the total global domain registration telly to a whopping 252 million domain names.

The .coms are still the most popular domain names, with a domain registration telly of about 106 million, while .net domain registrations accounted for about 15 million domains. Country-code domain names, such as .uk and .nl, made up about 110 million domain registrations.

However, the internet may not be as big as the numbers suggest. A closer look at the domain registration system reveals that 21% of .com and .net websites were just one-page sites and 15% don’t point to a working website at all.

best domain names

The domain registration top 10 domain names are as follows:

  1. .com
  2. .de (Germany)
  3. .net
  4. .tk (Tokelau)
  5. .uk (United Kingdom)
  6. .org
  7. .cn
  8. .info
  9. .nl (Netherlands)
  10. .ru (Russian Federation)

The domain registration top 10 domain name country-code domains are as follows:

  1. .de (Germany)
  2. .tk (Tokelau)
  3. .uk (United Kingdom)
  4. .cn (China)
  5. .nl (Netherlands)
  6. .ru (Russian Federation)
  7. .eu (European Union)
  8. .br (Brazil)
  9. .au (Australia)
  10. .fr (France)

Growth in country-code domains names is accelerating, being lead by .tk (Tokelau) and .cn (China). The Tokelau top-level domain (.tk) is now the second most popular country-code domain name and the fourth most popular domain registration globally. Dot TK is a joint venture between the Government of Tokelau (a territory of New Zealand) and the country’s communication company (Teletok). While .tk domain names have a reputation for hosting phishing sites, the lure of a free domain name is still actracting many.

There are currently 22 generic domain names (such as .com, .net and .org) which can be used in any country, however the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved a plan to generate new generic domain names such as .ititch, for example. Nearly 2000 new generic domain name extensions were applied for, and the first list of approved names are expected to make their debut in mid 2013.