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What makes it so different from anything available on the market today?

Ubuntu feels cleaner and more immersive than existing smartphones. It doesn’t need a home button, and the interface for most apps is cleaner and more open, with more room for content. That’s because Ubuntu introduces several new ideas to handheld interfaces.

It uses every edge of the phone, giving you fast access to favourite apps, fast switching between apps, immediate access to system settings at any time, and a way to show or hide the buttons that make up an app interface or structure. Keeping those items “off the edge” leaves more room for content and makes the phone feel bigger and more spacious.
For OEMs and operators looking for a competitive alternative to the current duopoly of mobile operating systems, Ubuntu offers:

  • An existing developer community and app ecosystem
  • Relationships with many OEMs who already ship Ubuntu on the PC
  • Patterns of customisation for operator and OEM partners
  • Great performance from low to high end hardware
  • Finally, the convergence of desktop, thin client and phone
    into a high-end handheld device is unique to Ubuntu.