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Upgrading from Web-Based Email to Hosted Exchange Email and Outlook from your account

You can move your emails and other settings from your existing email plan to your Hosted Exchange Email plan.

We’ve all been there—upgrading our technology. Whether it is getting a new computer, a new operating system, or, in this case, a new way of managing your email, there are settings you need to change and migrations you may need to perform.

If you’re starting from scratch and you don’t care about your existing email, don’t worry about the information in this article, go to Getting Started With Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email . If you want to see all your old email in your new account and have all your contacts, then follow these instructions.

We’ll break it down for you, but it will take a bit of time. Turn your cell phone off, close the office door, and grab a cup of coffee. Let’s do this.

Step 1: Configuring Your Domain Name and Setting Up Your Hosted Exchange Email Account

You need to make some changes to your domain name so it is configured to work with Hosted Exchange Email. After you set up the domain name properly, you can create your Hosted Exchange Email account and set up your mailboxes.


Step 2: Downloading and Setting Up Outlook

Your Hosted Exchange Email account comes with a copy of Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 for every user of your plan. After downloading Outlook, you can set it up to work with your Hosted Exchange Email account.


Step 3: Migrating Your Emails and Contacts

Right now you still have three MX records. Two of the MX records are still pointing to your old Web-Based Email account and all of your email is still going to your old Web-Based Email account. You can send with your new, fancy Hosted Exchange Email account, but anyone replying sends their message to your old account thanks to those old MX records.

We’re going to get rid of those MX records, but not before making sure we’ve taken care of your existing email and contacts.

Switching Over if You Were Already Using Outlook

Switching Over if You Were Using Web-Based Email


Step 4: Finalizing the Switchover

Whew. We made it. Outlook is set up. Your old contacts and email messages are imported. One last remaining item—the old Web-Based Email account.

It’s still receiving emails because of the MX records. Now you can remove the two Web-Based Email MX records and tell the Internet you’re ready to move forward with your Hosted Exchange Email account. Even after you remove them, there is still a chance that emails will get sent to the old account.

After 24-48 hours, the Internet will recognize the change and all emails should be directed to your Hosted Exchange Email account. At that time, it is safe to cancel the Web-Based Email account. If Outlook is still downloading messages from your Web-Based Email account, you’ll need to remove the account from Outlook as well.

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