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How will you attract mobile developers to Ubuntu?

There is already a thriving developer ecosystem around Ubuntu, the worlds most popular desktop Linux. In addition, most Android developers use Ubuntu to develop their mobile applications, so there is a large developer base that already have Ubuntu installed.
Ubuntu will include both the Chromium and Firefox browsers, ensuring a first-class and competitive web browser experience as well as first class web and HTML5 applications. So developers aiming for cross-platform audiences, using tools such as PhoneGap, will find that Ubuntu is very easy to support in addition to iOS, Windows and Android.
Games developers want full access to the native OpenGL and GLES, together with top class gaming development platforms. Ubuntu provides native access to all GPU functions for first-class gaming performance, and the leading game engines all support Ubuntu as a target environment.
Native app developers will use the SDK for Ubuntu, which makes it very easy to create beautiful apps that perform well on a wide range of hardware and form factors.