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Domain Name Privacy

One of the most popular products here at IT Itch is our privacy protection feature for domain names. This feature is a free service that we offer with domain name registration and allows customers to hide their contact details from the WHOIS register. This effectively means that IT Itch customers can create an anonymous domain and they don’t have to worry about their private details being available in a public register for all the world to see.

However, not all domain names can be made anonymous and not all domain registries support our identity protection products. Domain name registry operators are continually changing their rules and, unfortunately, many of them are requiring the unnecessary collection of more of your personal data. To give you an idea of some of the domain registries that are not supportive of privacy, we put together a black list of domains to stay away from if you are after our anonymous domain registration.

Domains Not Supporting Privacy Protection



.CA (you can select private WHOIS only when registering as an individual)











.TEL (you can select private WHOIS only when registering as an individual)

.UK (only non-trading individuals can have a private WHOIS and this can only be activated by the registrant from within a Nominet control panel)


Please note that there are also some domain registries that do support our privacy protection feature for domain names (hide your personal details in the public WHOIS database) but do not support anonymous registration. For instance, the .XXX domain registry does support our ID protection feature but they require the registrant to get verified first. Verification usually involves providing your name, address and phone number and they will give you a call to check that you are a real person.

Basically, anonymous domain name registration is becoming an increasingly tricky business and the rules are constantly changing. We do our best to keep up, but registry operators usually don’t bother to tell us when they change their rules. If you are unsure if the domain name you want to purchase can be registered anonymously or supports our privacy protection feature, get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Remember, to activate ID protection on your domain name you have you select the “ID Protection” check box upon registration. If you don’t see the check-box, the domain does not support ID protection. Also, if you don’t tick the check-box, ID protection will not be enabled.