Made bitcoin payment but invoice still showing as "unpaid".

There are 2 reasons why your payment is not showing:


  1. Your payment is not yet confirmed on the bitcoin blockchain
  2. You made an underpayment (you likely forgot to add miners fees to your payment)


When making a payment with bitcoin, you need to wait for two confirmations from the bitcoin network before the invoice will show as "paid" and the service will activate. The speed at which this happens depends on the miners fees you included in your transaction, but takes at the very least 10 minutes. It can take many hours if you have used a low fee schedule.

Please do not open a support ticket if you have recently made a bitcoin payment but the invoice is showing as "unpaid" - the invoice will instantly mark as "paid" when it has 2 confirmations on the blockchain.

If the bitcoin transaction has 2 confirmations on the blockchain but the invoice is still showing as unpaid, it will be because you made an underpayment - e.g. you did not send the full amount of the invoice and there is still an amount owing. This can occur when sending directly from an exchange or from a wallet that does not support payment protocol standards. In this situation, you can simply reopen the invoice and you will see the remaining amount owing (usually it's a very small amount). When sending the remaining amount DO NOT USE THE SAME METHOD AS BEFORE because the same issue will simply occur again. You can either manually add the correct miners fees or send from a wallet that supports payment protocol standards.The invoice will mark as paid when the full, exact amount is received.


We recommend you use a bitcoin wallet that supports payment protocol standards (BIP 70-73), such as Electrum (for desktop) or Breadwallet (for mobile). With these types of wallets, the amount you type in is the exact amount the recipient will receive. With other wallets, you will manually need to work out the miners fee your wallet is deducting and add this amount to every transaction you send. Do not send bitcoin directly from exchanges because they will also deduct fees without your knowledge - when using exchanges, always send to your bitcoin wallet first.

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