Made bitcoin payment but invoice still showing as "unpaid".

When making a payment with bitcoin, you need to wait for one confirmation from the bitcoin network before the invoice will show as "paid" and the service will activate. The speed at which this happens depends on the miners fees you included in your transaction, but takes at the very least 10 minutes. It can take many hours if you have used a low fee schedule.

Also, if your payment does not EXACTLY match the invoice amount, the invoice will never be marked as paid. Please do not send random amounts to bitcoin invoices.

Please do not open a support ticket if you have recently made a bitcoin payment but the invoice is showing as "unpaid" - the invoice will instantly mark as "paid" when it is confirmed on the blockchain.

You can open a support ticket if your payment has confirmed but the invoice is still showing as unpaid. In this situation, you need to supply us with the transaction ID of your payment on the blockchain so we can manually search and apply your payment. In this situation it is likely you have sent the payment after the invoice had already expired or you did not send the correct amount.
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