TOS Violation Suspension

Domain names can be suspended directly by the registry for severe terms of service (TOS) violations, such as involvement in fraudulent activities (not limited to phishing, malware, counterfeiting etc).

The domain may also be listed on various blacklists, such as:


If you wish to challenge a TOS suspension, you must contact the registry abuse team directly at the following email address:

They will require the following information if you wish them to consider removing the suspension:

1. Proof of identity
2. Proof of address
3. Purpose of domain registration
4. Proof of Association/Incorporation for business (if applicable)

This type of suspension cannot be overturned by us. You must contact the registry abuse team at the address given above should have have any questions or concerns or wish to request the suspension be lifted or if you wish to transfer the domain away.

It may take a few days to for you to receive a reply from the abuse team. There is nothing we can do to speed this up and we cannot contact them on your behalf.

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