We will completely deprecate VPS on Virtuozzo from our system effective from 31st March 2018.

To ensure uninterrupted services, we will migrate your existing Virtuozzo VPS packages to VPS on KVM.

Please Note :
We will only be taking up cPanel-cPanel migrations, hence, we will only migrate VPS 3 and above on Virtuozzo (with cPanel installed).

Any custom addons / installations not associated with cPanel will have to be migrated / reinstalled from your end on the new server.

We will purchase KVM VPS on your behalf with the same primary domain name, configurations and customer details of your existing Virtuozzo Package at 0 cost for one month.

The migration process takes 24 - 48 hours for completion (depending on the size of data hosted on your current server). We will send a confirmation email with all details once the migration is completed.

There will be no downtime during the migration, however there will be a DNS propagation delay (10 - 12 hours) after you change the nameservers post migration. Both the servers will be active post migration for you to check if all your data has been migrated to the new server. After confirming, you can delete your old Virtuozzo server.

You  will receive an email about a new package being purchased with your customer ID.

Important dates:

15th March:
1. You will NOT be able to renew your existing VPS Virtuozzo packages after 15th March 2018.
2. If the current expiry date of your existing VPS Virtuozzo is after 31st March 2018, the expiry date will be modified to ‘31st March 2018’ and you will receive a pro rata refund.

31st March
1. All Virtuozzo servers will be suspended on 31st March 2018.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

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