Nov 21st Virtual Private Server Update

From today onwards we are offering different Virtual Private Servers (VPS). The new servers are KVM-based virtual servers and will replace the Virtuozzo servers that we have been using previously. The KVM virtual servers will come with cPanel/WHM already installed, offering a superior experience to our customers.Customers using Virtuozzo servers ... Read More »

Nov 20th Hosting Management Dashboard not Loading after Upgrade

After a system updrade last night many customers are seeing a notification in their hosting management dashboard saying: "Preparing hosting service. Please refresh this page in 5 minutes"The notification means that customers cannot see their hosting details, such as FTP password.We are aware of the issue and working to resolve it. Please be ... Read More »

Aug 1st Bitcoin Network Event

The bitcoin network is currently undergoing a unique event called a hard fork. During this time it will become unreliable for us to accept low-confimation transactions and thus we have temporarily raised the confirmations required before a bitcoin invoice will be marked as paid. This will result in long wait times for customers paying with ... Read More »

Jun 24th SSH Access Temporarily Disabled

Please note that SSH access for all accounts are temporarily disabled due to a vulnerability. We will activate it back once the issue is fixed.

Meanwhile, please access hosting acocunts via cPanel/FTP.

Thank you for your understanding!

May 12th Issues With .RU Domain Registrations

There is currently an issue with .RU domain registrations. All registrations are currently failing and the registry is returning the error "Error During Add Contact". We are working with the .RU registry to solve this issue. In the meantime, all .RU registrations will likely be stuck in a "pending" state until the error is resolved.

Mar 31st Bitcoin Payment Page Not Updating After Payment

When customers are paying with bitcoin, the payment page is not updating after the payment has been sent.This issue is related to our billing software not receiving the callback.Rest assured, if you send a bitcoin payment we will apply the payment to your invoice and your service will activate. However, as we are having to do this manually until ... Read More »

Mar 28th Bitcoin Payment Error: Gap Between Last Used Address Too Large

"Gap between last used address and next address too large. This might make funds inaccessible."If you see the above error it is occuring because too many customers have been generating bitcoin addresses(opening invoices) but failing to send a payment to the bitcoin address.As defined in BIP 44, wallet software will not scan past a certain number ... Read More »

Mar 11th Updated Bitcoin Processing

Customers paying with bitcoin will notice we are no longer using BitPay to process our bitcoin payments. We have integrated a custom solution after continued issues with the BitPay service. The main differnce customers will notice is that the bitcoin invoice and payment address is generated directly from within our website, rather than redirecting ... Read More »

Feb 9th .INDUSTRIES Domains Now Available

You can now register .INDUSTRIES domains through our domain registration system. The cost is $37.20/year.

Feb 4th Email Service Upgrade

We will be upgrading the email server which our website uses to send out automated emails and emails to customers for the support system. During this maintenance the email system will be down, so you will not receive automated email, such as invoice payment confirmation and support ticket notifications. The maintenance window in 24-48 hours.Please ... Read More »