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Anonymous Domain Registration

When registering a domain name with a traditional domain name registrar, the contact details of the domain name owner are publicly available through an online directory called the WHOIS database. In the early days of the internet, this was a good way to get in contact with website owners and businesses. However, the modern-day world-wide-web is full of people who want to use your personal details for malicious purposes, meaning that nowadays the WHOIS database is primarily used by criminals to obtain email addresses to use for spamming and phishing attacks.

The WHOIS database has also been used by people to obtain the contact details (including addresses) of people that host websites with different political or religious beliefs to themselves in order to direct hate crimes. If you are a political activist with a domain name or website, the domain name contact details will be the first place oppressive regimes will look in order to intimidate you and shut you down. Activists in many countries will immediately be easy prey for government spies with their email addresses public knowledge – they simply type your email address into XKeyscore to be able to read all your email, instant messages, text messages and listen in on your phone communications. Because your contact information is public, you are at risk of being contacted by harassers and stalkers and there is also the chance of identity theft and fraud.

This is where anonymous domain registration comes in. IT Itch is not like other domain registrars – we offer domain privacy.

What is domain privacy?

Domain privacy is a type of anonymous domain registration where we replace all of your publicly visible contact information with alternate contact information. This means that anyone doing a WHOIS search on your domain name will be shown an alternate email address, mailing address and phone number. It’s just like normal domain registration where you retain full ownership and control of your domain name, the only difference being that other people can’t see your personal contact details. Anyone who tries to contact you with the alternate contact details will be directed to an online contact form, which we will in turn email to you.

Here’s what domain privacy looks like:

domain privacy









For added security, we also offer domain theft protection – in this status, the domain name cannot be transferred or hijacked to another registrar. The owner of this domain name can easily change this status from their control panel. This feature is provided as a security measure against fraudulent domain name hijacking.

We don’t charge any extra for anonymous domain registration or theft protection – it’s just part of our regular offering.

So what are you waiting for? Check the availability of the domain name you wish to register in the domain search box below. If your domain is available, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. Add web hosting and website builder products if needed. If paying with bitcoin, we will not need to collect any of your personal details at all, making it truly anonymous – just put in an email address to contact you with, pay the bill with bitcoins and you are done!

If paying with credit card or bank transfer, we will need to collect some personal details at checkout to facilitate your payment – fill in all the fields and pay with your preferred method (we don’t mind if you use fake details or a throwaway email address). Just sit back and relax while we set up your anonymous domain.


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